SHOULD America support Israel?

Posted: August 10, 2010 in Uncategorized


Annie Hamilton


Israel’s right to exist, to occupy their land is a right that is entrenched in historic relevance.  
Israel existed right up until the time of the Roman Empire. When the Romans conquered the land, Jews were permitted to live there. There are two periods where they were effectively forced from their property, the first time in 70 A.D. and the other sometime around 135 A.D. There’s always been a Jewish presence in Israel and for hundreds of years, the Middle East was easily the most peaceful part of the World.

Some have forgotten that Rahm Emanuel arranged meetings between Yitzhak Rabin and Yasir Arafat back in the early nineties and during this exchange, Jewish leaders expressed the need to create a Palestinian government to remove the rapidly expanding Palestinian population away from Israeli hands. The pressing concern of ‘the day’ was Israel’s inevitable destruction and as such the situation must be handled immediately to manage any potential hostile presence in the region. This seemed agreeable to Israel although it’s not been terribly smooth. (a peace agreement including both sides of the Gaza along with the United States of America) Obviously following incidents in the late nineties as well as September 11th, Israel has remained steadfast in reliability with America struggling to define and contain threats, global and domestic pertaining to hostile enemies from within the Palestinian and other Islam-based territories.

Now we’re under a different Administration that still includes Emmanuel, oddly enough and things have never been worse. We have a Muslim President who lied his way into the oval office and since then has appointed several fellow Muslims, radical Marxists, Socialists or other unsavory characters that have effectively dismantled our founding papers since 2008. This Administration lies to the American people and ridicules our allies while bowing to Islamist leaders, something never done in the history of America, turning the United States Presidency into a mockery, something to be laughed at, no longer respected. Yet, all things considered, Israel must be reckoned with, a formidable force.

Why should the US support Israel? I can give you two solid reasons.

Israel commands the strongest military presence in the Middle East and America would be wise to continue considering Israel a strong ally and perhaps working a little harder on that relationship (perhaps not forcing Bibi to use the servants entrance during meetings at the White House?) If the powers in Washington had operational brain cells, perhaps they’d use their resources to neutralize Iran’s capacity to maintain nuclear weapons,(yes they have them)

Israel is fundamentally part of the United States’ fabric, part of who we are as a people. (When the current undocumented President announced that we’re a ‘Muslim’ Nation, he was obviously off of his meds, for we could be nothing farther from) Our founding draws on the uniquely Hebrew concept of the holiness of the individual and love for the vulnerable. We’re connected for this and other reasons and our destinies and welfare will always be connected, never to be separated. In many ways, the sacredness of both lands reflect upon one another and must not be banished from political exercise, religion, public life or any other action. Liberals and their universalism demands that Israel make concessions to appease Arabs but this rarely appeases anyone and the truth is that there is plenty of room for Arabs in other areas and Israel must be left alone at this point.

This Administration’s betrayal of Israel is both shocking and disheartening and exposes the range of evil and/naïve thinking in the people in today’s government AND media who seem to not understand (or care) what is truly at stake right now.

This immoral behavior should disturb us all.

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